scribbify logoScribbify is an indie marketing agency, an in-house team of content writers, SEO executives, and marketers. Over the years, we’ve raised profitable blogs. Worked with tons of businesses and individuals and helped them in generating sales and achieve their target. Our mission is to help startups, and individuals achieve their online targets. There is one single way in which we're different from digital marketing companies - instead of trying to sell something, we focus on providing immense value.

What we do ?

At Scribbify, we work on micro niche blogs, some of these are long term, majority being short term and intended to flip. 80% of the times we'll work on affiliate micro niche websites, the rest 20% it is adsense blogs. We also build social media pages. We work with businesses and individuals to help them drive sales, traffic and get more exposure.

Also, we drink coffee, go to bowling or do some fun activity when one of our project succeeds.

How did we start ?

Scribbify was planned behind the school notebooks by two school students Rachit & Aloukik. 

They were the one who laid down the foundation of what the agency will be, whom it will cater and so on.

Due to family reasons, Aloukik had to focus on college and not Scribbify. Thereby, Rachit became the only person to control Scribbify.

Scribbify's first office was a 1bhk that had nothing but table.

We know how tights things are for startups. Thereby, we offer tailored packages to make sure you can market, grow your brand without burning a hole in your pocket.

Random Facts :

Our cover image, the image of two boys laughing was picked up randomly for cover. After Aloukik decided to pursue college. It has been since kept as a homage to him.