We help businesses get better at Content Marketing

Scribbify helps companies, businesses, and individual to produce, and market content better.


About Us

Scribbify is a content marketing agency which was started in 2016 by Rachit Singh. Our aim was to start and scale this company to an online PR firm. An aim towards which we are consistently working. We help businesses and individuals improving their content.

We believe that marketing is all about storytelling. How you position your product, how you brand it and so on. This is why, instead of focusing on digital marketing, search engines, and ranking, we focus on the root of things – CONTENT.

Since our start, we’ve worked with a ton of companies, businesses, and individuals. Our client base isn’t only limited to the company that primarily deals online. We also have experience working with clients such as NGO, Non-profits and even tattoo parlors.


We’ve raised several blogs, we know what works and what sucks !

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer premium content, and marketing services to businesses and help them build online exposure.

Our Philosophy

We believe in succeeding by helping other succeed. We believe that money shouldn’t be the prime motivation behind running a business. Agreed, that without it, you can’t exist, but one shouldn’t leave behind his ethics and morals for it.

Rachit, and Aloukik, two science students in last year of School decided to open a content marketing business together. The plan, the layout, everything was planned on the very last benches of their classroom.

Scribbify got a home ! Rachit rented an apartment and started working on things such as color, layout and some other things.

The office cleaning, and official website was completed. On the dark side, due to some problems, Aloukik could no longer be part of startup. He joined college.

With a new look and some renovations, Rachit re-launched the website.

Scribbify launched its first tool. Named “Da vinci”, we launched our first online image editor.

We changed the delivery model. Now, we’re operating on service as product model on the website.

Da Vinci : Online Image Editor

Want to make awesome featured images to get more CTR on your blog posts ? or maybe you want to make awesome facebook ads to get more people to click on your ad. Well, whatever is your need, we’re sure you will love our online Image editor.

You can choose from dozen of effects, cliparts, fonts and much more. Give it a shot !

Get in Touch

  • For general queries: hello@scribbify.com
  • For guest-posting related queries: editor@scribbify.com
  • For help or technical support queries ( client only ): support@scribbify.com
  • For corporate, or custom service queries: biz@scribbify.com

We want to offer live chat too, but we’re a small company doing some big things so, that might take some time before we finally hire someone for dedicated support.