Deserve, then Desire

Wanting a six-figure business, or a million dollars isn't bad. But make sure you deserve whatever you're wishing for. If you've never managed a business that made $1k in profit, build that first. Work your way up. Learn, grow, deserve, then desire.

Build Team, not Employees

The people who work for you, spend most of their time with you, treat them with utmost care. We don't hire employees, we build a team. We love working with people who have ambitions and are willing to stretch their limits to achieve those goals.


One of the best baits to make sure the client keeps coming back is offer them more than they expect. An example could be offering them 2 extra backlinks. At the end of the day, everyone loves something extra (even we love tips).

Don't Play with Privacy

Privacy has to be taken very seriously. Build it as one of the pillars of your company that you can offer to clients. Never do something that would breach the privacy of the client, or the project you're working on.

Bill Only as Much as You Offer

Charge what you deserve, and how much you can offer. More than often, we refund part of the payment if we think we haven't provided enough value for the billed amount. Be honest, not for clients, but for yourself.

Work Hard, Play Harder

If you don't enjoy, you'll get fed up with your work. Once our projects make enough money that our monthly quota is met, we have a party in the office, to celebrate. When we flip a project, we do something similar.

Dogs are the best !