How to Write Content Ideal for Both Humans & Search Engines ?

The more I am advancing with content marketing, the more defensive I get towards how people write content. Gone are the days when simple tactics such as Keyword stuffing worked for ranking a page. But ever since Google rolled out its penguin update, user experience became the priority for ranking a page. Google puts a


How to Explain SEO to Client With Ease ?

Often times I’ll find myself pitching a person who is not even remotely technical for SEO services. I don’t do it anymore (frequently) as I’ve turned towards in-house projects. When we have space, we open ourselves to one or two client gigs. From a tattoo parlor to a full-blown hospital, I’ve pitched and converted dozens


How SEO Helps a Business ?

“How is SEO actually going to help my business grow?” One of the questions that I receive every single time we pitch a client. Thereby, I decided to pen down how SEO helps business owners. Not only for our future clients, but also for entrepreneurs who’re researching about possible ways to grow their business. I