Scribbify Affiliates

Earn High, and Reccuring Commissions promoting a brand you trust, and your customers will love.

Up to 10% Commission
( 30 days Cookie Period )
Expert Conversion & Sales Team

Why Scribbify Affiliate is the Best SEO Affiliate Program ?

We build products that sell.

Be it Scribbify Prime, or our Rental Program. Both of these have been built with affection and hours of hard work. Our products have worked for our clients, and we're more than confident, they'll work for your customers too.

Kickass Commissions: We offer Flat 10% commission on our high ticket products. Products like Big Boi cost $999 and leave you a good amount in commission for each sale.

Recurring Income: Prime is a monthly subscription package, the longer your customers stay with us, the longer you earn. We go heights for delivering results to ensure once customers are in, they don't leave.

High Conversions: Earn $$ Per referral with our 30 Day Cookie Period. The pro-longed cookie ensures you get ROI for every click that you send towards us.

Hard Working Team: From free consultations to discounts to running paid ads, retargeting people that come on our website, to making sure new customers get prime, existing ones keep renewing, we do everything possible to make sure you get the maximum output for your efforts.

Flexible Payout Options: Just email us and we'll transfer via whatever mode you prefer.

Custom Discount Codes: We're more than to generate discount codes to help you convert your potential audience into our programs. We also set up custom landing pages for selected affiliates. We also offer incentives like increased commission split, merchandise and much more.

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How to Get Started with Scribbify Affiliates ?

Starting with Scribbify Affiliates is easy and fast. If you've purchased a product from us, you can register using that account. If not, you can sign up for a free account here.

1. Register
If you are not an affiliate yet, head over to the registration page and fill in the details. After details are submitted, you'll be approved in 5-6 hours and you'll get the confirmation via Email/text.

2. Login
If you log-in for the first time you'll be asked to accept our affiliate terms and conditions. To log-in, click on the Affiliate drop-down in the navigation bar and choose login.

3. Update Payment Information
Add your PayPal account in the form and click the update button. You can also contact our support if you wish to be paid in any other form.

4. Start!
Click on Affiliate links, or creatives section to get banners/ text and start promotion. You can send these to your customers to direct them to our page.

You can see your performance right in your affiliate area. You don't need to open any third party website. Simply click on Sales to see how many people have you referred.

Login to your existing affiliate dashboard from here.