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Blog Management Done with Perfection. We do all the work, while you sitback and watch your blog grow.

scribbify prime

Scribbify Prime is our monthly package aimed at companies & startups who wish to automate their online marketing without spending a ton from their budget. Under Prime, we take care of everything - choosing keywords, publishing content, building links & much more so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

We Increased Parth's Traffic to 400%

This is where we stand apart from the rest of SEO Companies :

We have been blogging for more than 4 years. During this time, we've been featured on top publications like HuffingtonPost,, and much more. We've contributed to a handful of online publications like and worked with experts like Neil Patel.

We practice what we preach. With all our experience, we know what works and what sucks.

We've helped dozens of our clients grow their online business and we're more than confident we can help yours too...


Prime is one of the best and cost-effective service which provides all-in-one SEO service as well as handles all the SEO tasks for all-round growth. They know what they're up to, everything from planning to execution is carried out smoothly. Rachit is experienced Marketer thus trusting his service is natural. Prime is a good investment and exceeds my expectations.

- Parth  ( Blogger )

Scribbify Prime Contents

What more do you need ?

Blog Posts

They're the fuel of our marketing strategies. They build traffic, grab leads and position you as an authority in the niche.

Guest Posting

Considered best quality backlink for ranking high in search results. We do manual outreach and make links on blogs in a related niche.

Drip Links

These are made for the initial boost and to maintain the link profile of a web-page. Sometimes they alone get the content ranked.

Customer Support

Want to ask the progress of the project? Want to understand how it is done? or maybe share the latest memes? We're there for you!

Strategy Planner

Figuring out what keywords need to be targeted, what kind of links need to be made, who is our competitor and much more ( secret ).

Content Calendar

What needs to be published, when it has to be published, and how often it needs to published, everything is pre-planned.

☑️ All Blog Posts have custom featured images.
☑️ All packages include keyword research, content calendar, and customer support.


I can vouch that they know what they’re doing. To achieve these goals one need to have the knowledge of user behavior and color psychology and Rachit understands this very well.

He has been a content writer all his life and now, has a dedicated team to cater the needs of their customers.

When it comes to SEO, I have personally worked alongside Rachit on various projects and he knows link building as well as the technical aspects of SEO that are important in the search engine rankings.

- Vinay Katiyar ( Marketer )

Prime Packs


$ 199 per month
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 1 Contextual
  • 150 Drip Backlinks / 50 Quora Answers


$ 385 per month
  • 4 Blog Posts
  • 4 Contextual Links
  • 600 Drip Links / 150 Quora Answers

Big Boi

$ 1100 per month
  • 8 Blog Posts
  • 16 Contextuals
  • 2400 Drip Backlinks / 400 Quora Answers

Scribbify Prime vs Other Options

  Setting up an In-house Team

There are tons of issues that you'd have to tackle if you're planning to set up an in-house marketing team. First and Foremost, you'll need a content marketer who can hunt and hire the right talent. If you don't have an idea of digital marketing, you have to trust the manager that he brings the right talent. The manager should be a smart marketer himself, who should be capable of planning strategies.

Next up, the people you hire, they'll sit in your office, consuming space, and other resources. You'll also have to keep them on a payroll. That's a lot of work for sure.

X   Hiring Freelancer(s)

If you're planning to hire a freelancer, or maybe a bunch of them, you first need to know strategy planning, because the content writers know writing content, but he doesn't know SEO and vice versa.

One of the biggest issues of hiring freelancers is no guarantee of work being delivered on the deadline. It is also hard to communicate and tell them what to do.

If you hire a group of writers and some SEO executives, it will easily go above the price you'd pay for a scribbify prime package.

   Scribbify Prime

In Scribbify Prime, we've studied and worked over the pain points. You don't need a marketing expert in order to handle your online marketing if you have scribbify prime.

All you have to do is literally purchase the package and tell us your website URL. From that point, everything is on us. We figure out the right keywords, we make the strategy, we make a content calendar, we publish content, we make backlinks!

We don't outsource to freelancers, all the work is done by us to offer the maximum privacy and quick delivery.


Still Not Sure ?

We're so confident in our product, that we can give you a free consultation. We'll explain how exactly we'll grow your brand and how to get started.