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Fully Managed SEO Service

Scribbify helps startups & business grow their business online via inbound marketing. We'll handle your SEO completely while you focus on other important aspects of your business.

managed seo services

An Effective SEO Program Tailored For Your Business

Scribbify's Managed SEO Program is for busy startups and businesses who'd like to outsource their inbound marketing and focus on other important areas.

Our SEO Program helps businesses to :

  Gain more traffic, leads & sales online

  Increase exposure for your brand

  Drive up sales without investing a ton in marketing

If you'd want to achieve any of the above goals, our Managed SEO program is a great fit for you.

What's Inside Our Managed SEO Packages

Everything you need to grow your business online

Website Audit

A complete site audit is first and most important step in our SEO plan. We identify which keywords can drive most value and put them on priority.

Keyword Research

We use advanced tools to figure out what keywords your brand is missing which'll be most benefitial for your brand & include them in our plan.

On-Page Optimization

We fix on-page of existing pages on your website. This includes fixing titles, img-alt altribute, metas, Headings & more.

Content Creation

Scribbify creates blog posts, landing pages based upon keywords we find out during our keyword research process.

Link Building

Backlinks are with no doubt one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking. Scribbify does link building to speed up your keyword position.

Tracking & Reporting

SEO isn't a one month process. We track rankings of your keywords and track them to measure progress. We also do a monthly call to discuss.

Why Scribbify for Managed SEO ?

Scribbify has built multiple profitable blogs and has helped multiple clients grow their presense online with inbound marketing.

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Client Result : From 90 to 3rd Position in under a Month

We aren't just another SEO company. We've built multiple profitable blogs & SaaS products with inbound marketing. We don't sell/re-sell generic SEO packages with only spammy links. We work with your brand to understand your vision, aim and create a custom plan specifically for your brand.

There are tons and tons of SEO providers on the internet. A lot of them promise rankings in as little as $99/month ! It only ends up two ways. They'll put you in a six month journey at the end of which you get no result, or, they use blackhat to rank in short term and get your site penalised afterwards.

We don't do any of that. We work with selected clients to ensure we can focus and drive results in the best way possible. We've grown multiple blogs which shows our strategies work.

Our Managed SEO Service vs Other Options

Here's a side by side comparison of our managed seo services compared with other ways your brand can grow online.

Inhouse Team

You'll need a SEO Manager who can hunt and hire the right talent.

If you don't have an idea of digital marketing, you have to trust the manager that he brings the right talent.

The manager should be a smart marketer himself, who should be capable of planning strategies.

Next up, the people you hire, they'll sit in your office, consuming space, and other resources.

Hiring Freelancers

If you're planning to hire a freelancer, or maybe a bunch of them, you first need to know strategy planning, because the content writers know writing content, but he doesn't know SEO and vice versa.

One of the biggest issues of hiring freelancers is no guarantee of work being delivered on the deadline. It's also hard to communicate and tell them what to do.

If you hire a group of writers and some SEO executives, it will easily go above price of our managed SEO service.

Scribbify Managed SEO

You don't need a marketing expert in order to handle your online marketing if you have our Managed SEO package.

All you have to do is literally purchase the package and tell us your website URL. We discuss your brand's goals and prepare & execute for your brand.

We conduct detailed site audit, fix on-page error, do keyword research, create content, build links and share report with you.

Schedule a Consultation

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    managed seo service

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are some of the questions we recieve very often. If you don't see your question answered, contact support either via live chat or by reaching out to [email protected]