Best Websites To Hire Freelance Writer Online in 2019

Planning to reshape the reputation of your company or brand? But the question is where and how. Where – definitely on the best mean to reach worldwide through online platforms, i.e. on the internet. How – by creating quality and valuable content about your company or brand and the newest and latest trends in fashion,


How to Write Content Ideal for Both Humans & Search Engines ?

The more I am advancing with content marketing, the more defensive I get towards how people write content. Gone are the days when simple tactics such as Keyword stuffing worked for ranking a page. But ever since Google rolled out its penguin update, user experience became the priority for ranking a page. Google puts a


6 Crucial Questions to Ask While Optimizing Content For Sales

Over the past many years, user trends have changed significantly. Now companies need to offer more than just a product in order to secure customers. Understanding the need, companies are focusing on issues such as support, content and user behavior as well. For example, every other hosting company now claims to be offering “exceptional support“.


10 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Invest in Content Writing Services

Not always does it happen that an entrepreneur has funds to hire a bunch of people in the starting. Especially when I talk about Digi-preneurs ( entrepreneurs that have an online product/service). In this scenario, and in many other scenarios, it’s a case of solo-preneurship. One person, trying to do everything to make ends meet.