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Suitable package for startups and individual bloggers. The package offers 4 blog posts, 1 contextual and 150 mixed comments, forum & profile links. If you're on low budget and want to test prime, this is what you need.


The package offers 4 blog posts, 4 contextual, and 600 mixed comments, forum & profile links. This is our most frequently bought package. More than often, this package is what we use to rank our micro niche blogs.

Big Boi

Suitable for startups and businesses who want to automate their company blogs. The package offers 8 Blog posts, 16 contextual and 2400 mixed comment, forum & profile links.

Build Your Prime

Build your own custom prime package. Customize the number of blog posts, contextual, comment links that you need or want to invest on. Pay only for what you need !