Life at Scribbify #1 : New Beginnings, New Goals

While redesigning the site, I realized, it has been 3 years since I’ve been working on Scribbify.

I haven’t been very active. The focus had always been on micro niche projects. But still, the realization that it has been 3 years was an alarm.

Till now, Scribbify had been sort of a Passion thing. I wasn’t very professional or serious regarding it.

All that changes this year.

2018 was a roller coaster for me. Not only did I learn a lot in terms of work, but also grew up a person. This was the transition phase, from being an author to being an entrepreneur.

The transition from “I am the best with words” to “I need to someone even better than me for writing”.

This was obviously hard. Since Scribbify is a bootstrapped startup, things have always been hard. But after two whole years, I’ve not decided to buckle up and get everything in place.

Journey so far

To be honest, the journey by far hasn’t been so exciting.

Since I wasn’t taking things very seriously, we didn’t really touch our target. In the start, it was a one-man show, which to some extent, it still is.

But now, I have hands to get work done faster and better.

Last month, I sat down and spent a whole week planning everything. What I want to offer, what price I want to offer it at, and everything in between.

But before this, even after having a team, we were mostly working on micro niche projects. From the surface, it looked like we didn’t make any progress. But our micro niche sites did well. Most of them are now rip and a just a month away from turning profitable.

I also tried opening a digital marketing institute, which didn’t go well due to the conflict with the landlord ( I am not planning to do it anytime soon either ). I also started creating podcasts for Scribbify on Youtube ( that failed as well and I am planning to get them back once we have a stable working environment ).

Mainly, there was no work being done to grow Scribbify. Be it Blog, or our Website.

New Beginnings, New Goals

No doubt a lot has changed, and no doubt a lot won’t change in coming months as well.

There are tons of ideas right now as I write this blog post. From our collaborations projects to social media goals, and much more, and that’s the problem.

In the past, I was trying to do as many things as possible. This was to found out something that called me. Now that I have found the calling, I am now trying to focus on as little things as possible.

I’ve got serious for it from February 1st, 2019, and from then onwards, I’ve reduced the time and focus from all other projects I worked on and had in mind. I’ve decided to hold on and stick to this single goal until I am able to make it profitable.

It’s not that I would totally blackout from all the projects. I’d still take a peak or check their progress every now and then. But most of the day and attention will now be towards Scribbify.

All this was triggered by that one site redesign, where I had to change the year in the footer.

In the coming months, you’ll see a ton of activities at Scribbify. This also means you’d see less of me on other platforms.

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