Best Work From Home Jobs to Consider in 2020

Work from home is like the top shelf trend in the world.

Being enough with this dramatic year, work from home is a relief.

I don’t see any downfall of working from home until you are a homemaker. It is already a tough job to conquer.

Working from home is so handy like you are not fighting people on the route to the office, you are not wasting money on street food or transport, you don’t have to get drunk on the way home. It all uphill route unless you enjoy the above mentioned. In a nutshell, it makes you work way easy than it used to be.

  • Blogger
  • Graphic designer
  • Content writer
  • Freelancer
  • Online surveys
  • Data entry
  • Online teacher
  • Consultor
  • Programmer or Coder
  • Social media manager
  • You Tuber
  • Virtual assistant
  • Chef, baker
  • Travel agent
  • eBooks
  • eCommerce store

Best Work From Home Jobs to Consider in 2020


Blogging is the best rescue from overthinking. Blogging is like a trend that created many new platforms over the internet.

Blogs help us out on many occasions, be it test, general curiosity, or anything else. You are just searching to getting the answers from a stranger who you surprisingly trust.

Blogs are generally online general created by people like you and me. You can easily make money by blogs but you just need to work for that.

Graphic designer

Graphic design is a fancy work in hand. It is just a world with you, your laptop or computer, and videos in it. The graphic designer is visual communicators who assemble images, illusions, and photography. They create visual concepts using computer software.

Graphic design is a process of visual communication. It is a craft and if you work correctly you can earn good money.

Content writer

This one is one of the good options when you are into reading, exploring, and expressing your views. Content writing just needs an imaginative mind full of thoughts and some research to put those thoughts into words.

Content writing is an easy job but you need to keep certain things in mind. Whenever you an article for a website, check your content, double-check it yourself.

Keep the language easy and understandable. Don’t use big words that even you don’t understand. Keep the grammar perfect, messing grammar changes the meaning of the sentence.  After some time, you will improve, and writing content can pay you more than you think. It is an easy job and with a little practice you can work this out.


Freelancer is a real rescue job where you have to worry about the boss or wait until the end of the month to get paid. As a freelancer, you take projects and complete them in a time frame. You get paid. It is easy to work.

You can choose multiple projects at the same time if you can finish those on time. It’s all about contract projects. You can choose to be a freelancer in any field. You can be self-employed without being committed to any company or an employer in particular.

Freelancing is a good job and you can be free from any peer pressure per se. You can earn a lot more money than you can earn by a 9 to 5 job.

Online surveys

Let me tell you, surveys won’t give you enough money to manage the entire house’s financial conditions. These work more like pocket money thing but it’s like really easy money.

So, what are online surveys?

You ever heard of getting paid for sharing your opinions?

Here, you are going to get paid for the same by just sitting comfortably and answering some questions. These questions are asked for market and research studies. You get paid for taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, watching ads, etc.

You will need a mobile phone and all they ask for are some details, thoughts, and responses.

Data entry

Data entry is like one of the most basic jobs that don’t require many professional skills. Some people think that they cannot do a particular job because they aren’t that qualified, it becomes easy for them.

What do we do in Data entry jobs?

You need to operate input devices like a keyboard for entering data( alphabetic, symbolic, or numeric. The data entry operator is required to edit data. It is an easy job that pays good money.

Online teacher

Online teaching and learning is the new way to dwell in the knowledge and education department. Nowadays the teacher teaches from home and students learn sitting at their home.

And, it is a fact that we learn more through online platforms like YouTube, Udemy, etc. Online teaching is one of the good earning jobs once you get started.

If you are good at any subject, don’t waste your time just sitting free. You can teach from home. Either you can teach through platforms like YouTube or make a course and sell on a platform like Udemy. You can also join any organization and work as a teacher for online teaching. It is worth all the efforts.


It is a great job when you know what exactly you are doing. Consulting means giving expert advice to people on a particular and specific topic or field.

You cannot consult people when you are an amateur on that topic. The consulting can be related to business, education, human resource, etc.

You have to have all the necessary details of the subject to be able to answer the questions. If you think you know a subject, then go for consulting in that field. It is a good pay job.

Programmer or Coder

Programming is the future and programmers will be the superhero soon. Programming is the key to advancement in the entire world.

It depends on the person, how she/or he can manage the programming. It is not at all boring when you know a single line of code can change the entire meaning of code.

You can easily start to learn code. You have so many platforms to make learning easy for you. If you are already into coding, you know how this works. Programming can get you one of the highest-paying jobs.

Learn some computer languages and go for making projects and you can sell those. You don’t have to step outside, you just need google, a laptop, and good grasping and thinking skills. You will be soon able to afford the person you are.

Social media manager

Social media platforms are the busiest and most glamour route around here. Social media is the biggest platform to represent anything, be it a person or a business.

You get many audiences with a mixed taste. What do you do as a Social media manager?

You represent the company across social media platforms. You work as the sole voice of the brand. You have to keep the social media updated with new projects of the company. The Social media manager have to respond to comments, campaigns, etc.

The social media manager job is a job many people aspire and is easy to do. A degree in marketing and communication makes it easy for you to apply for this job. It can help you with good money in the future. You can think of it as a good option as you will remain on social media and people will not be concerned about your future

You Tuber

YouTube is one of the fastest-growing platforms over the last few years.

People don’t need a legit job to earn here. YouTube helps in sharing true talent to the world be it education-related, playing, dancing, etc. This platform is full of all types of creators. You can earn a great source of income from YouTube.

How to get started?

Think of a topic you are comfortable sharing your views or you are good at. Make a script and get started. This platform may take some time but it will be worth the time and effort.

Virtual assistant

With the advancement in technology and industries, we are seeing jobs we thought would never exist.

Now, Virtual assistant is like one of the important jobs.

Who are virtual assistants?

These are mainly self-employed workers who offer administrative services. They manage clients from remote locations mostly from home. This job sits perfectly for work from home purposes.  You should be able to manage duties and clients and you are good to go.

Chef, baker

This will a beautiful job to describe. There will be only a few people who aren’t interested in food, everyone loves food. I genuinely respect chefs more than myself. Many chefs are so perfect in their line of work that you see the finest creation on your plate.

The interest in food and making good food starts from home itself.  If you are good at making food or cakes in fact, you can start your own shop or business.

You can make and deliver food, cake, dishes for parties, or other events. Homemakers can easily apply for this, after all, they have the best taste spells. You can good money from food. You can take orders and make money by fulfilling them.

The most important thing is to make your food with love and flavors, never let clients stop coming for many future orders. If you are a housewife and interested in making dishes, and thinking of starting something like this, this is the sign.

Travel agent

If you are into organizing and stuff, this can be a good deal fo you.

With the increase in tourist places in the past few years, there is the setup of many tourist agencies for minimizing tourist’s efforts in managing things. It is like one of the good-paying jobs by sitting at home and giving some effort.

What is a travel agency and who are travel agents?

A travel agency is a private or public service that provides all tour and travel-related services to people. A travel agent is a person from a company who arrange all travel essential for clients. They arrange transportation, staying hotels, etc.

They offer a complete package of the tour from starting the journey to the end of it. They simplify the whole process.

It is a good-paying job but you need to manage and work systematically for this. This job will pay you good only if you work properly and maintain the request of your clients.


“Your eBooks will earn for you”

sounds so dramatic yet true.

If you like reading and writing articles of a piece of imagination, this job is for you. It ill help you earn by sitting at home and publishing your story for the public.

Lazy people like me prefer eBooks more, over going to the library and getting one. There would be people like me who will prefer books online too. eBooks are getting popular due to the ease of access.

You can share your piece of work on the best-value publishing platform. It will help you earn a living. Choose good and relevant topics and start spilling your thoughts.

eCommerce store

eCommerce stores are the best comfort you can get from a stranger on the internet. eCommerce stores have gained popularity over the last few years and haven’t stopped after that.

It is a fair place for investment. You can start your own eCommerce platform and start earning.

Is it easy? is it worth it?

It won’t be easy but going easy is not an option. Keep yourself inspired by Amazon, you won’t be earning that much money though. It can fairly earn your living and sideways you can expand it.

Start with a small investment. If you are good at crafts or making decoratives, you can start with that. It would be easy. Like if you make a beautiful sweater, you can start a small business from that.

Conclusion :

2020 need mask and sanitizer, you can go for that too. Do what you feel like. Then you can join your business to companies like Amazon for services like delivering and packaging.  You can earn by sitting at home.

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