Best Credit cards for Start Ups

Starting your own business or company, like a startup isn’t an easy piece of cake.

You have to plan things way ahead of time.

To start a business, you need to look into workings, cash flow, new leads, and many more things.

As we are talking about credit cards for startups, let’s start with basic

What is a credit card?

It is a card that is issued by financial institutions that let us borrow money. These funds are borrowed from the pre-approved limit.

Why do you need a credit card?

As a startup, there are many expenses that you cannot ignore. You have to build everything from the ground and it takes money. You need capital to move forward and credit cards help you there.

What to look for in a credit card for startups?

It is an important question as demands are different for startups.

  • Look for spending limits. Spending limit gives you a specific number you can spend on your business.
  • With no personal guarantee. You as a person starting a startup do not need to take on personal liability.
  • Rewards. Different companies have different reward criteria.
  • Cheap.
  • Bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is important in business. Find companies of credit cards that offer in sync with good apps or software.

Quick : Best Credit Cards for Startups

These are some of the important things you should consider before getting a credit card. I have listed some of the best credit cards that are available in the market.

  1. Chase Ink Business cash
  2. US Bank Business Platinum
  3. American Express blue business plus
  4. Capital One Spark cash select
  5. American Express blue business cash
  6. Capital One spark Miles
  7. Brex
  8. Capital One Spark Classic
  9. Silicon valley bank ( svb )
  10. Amex- corp card for startups
  11. Ramp
  12. Expensify
  13. Stripe card
  14. Amex Bonvoy
  15. The Plum Card from American express

List of Best Credit Cards for Startups

Chase Ink Business cash

Chase Ink Business cash is one of the best credit cards preferred for startups. It helps startup companies in many ways and makes it easy for them to survive their way without stressing about money problems.

It has many features, benefits, and occasional rewards.

Features :

  • Chase Ink Business cash provides you cash back for common expenses on startup.
  • It does not have an annual fee or hidden charges.
  • You get or are offered $500 as a signup bonus when you spend nearly $3,000 in the first three months of having that card.
  • All the things you purchase have 1% as a cashback with no limits.
  • It also helps in protecting you from fraud.
  • It provides an auto rental collision waiver.
  • It helps in protecting you from theft or damage to purchase.
  • You easily get extended warranty protection.

US Bank Business Platinum

It is another great option as a credit card for startups. This card helps  startups to grow and fulfill the requirements of the business.


  • This card comes with low-interest rates.
  • It is easy to use and has eased transactions in many methods.
  • This card does lack some quality reward benefits.
  • It does have an introductory 0% APR on occasional purchases.
  • The amount or balance transfers for the first 15 billing rounds.
  • It does not have any annual fees.

American Express Blue Business Plus

American Express blue business plus is one of the best and well-known credit cards.

American Express is a famous credit card industry that has many benefits for clients and customers. It tries to help the client in the best possible way. This credit card has many features.


  • First of all, it is easy to use.
  • It helps in earning points. It can be travel miles or cashback.
  • Through American Express Blue Business Plus it is easy to make purchases for your business. It allows you to earn reward points on the purchases for $50,00 spent each year.
  • You can even purchase goods for your startups above your spending limits.
  • It provides you with online statements, account alerts, a free employee card, and a detailed summary at the end of the year.
  • It has one of the best and optimized mobile apps present in the market.

Capital One Spark Cash Select

Capital One Spark cash select is another great and valuable option available. It helps you with your startups and eases many of your problems. It makes your purchases easy and other transactions simple and beneficial.

It comes with many features for your business.


  • Capital One Spark cash select does not charge any annual fees.
  • It offers unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase you go through for the business.
  • You also get $200 as a signup bonus that you get after spending $3,000 in 1st three months.
  • It keeps you safe and alerted from fraud.
  • You get a free employee card.
  • It provides you with a year-end summary of the expenses and purchases.
  • It also offers you payment flexibility.
  • You can easily download a purchase record.
  • It is one of the good choices you can make or invest in.

American Express Blue Business Cash

American Express Blue Business cash credit card is another good option or solution for your startups. It has many features that are beneficial for you and your company and business.


  • It offers or provides cash back instead of reward points.
  • You can easily earn up to 2% cashback on your $50,000 of purchases per year.
  • You also get 1% cashback on everything other than purchases.
  • It provides account alerts.
  • It comes with car damage and rental loss insurance.
  • You get assistance from the global hotline.
  • You can easily pay by
  • It also provides purchase protection for some eligible products.

Capital One spark Miles

It is another relevant and convenient option for startups. You can easily get many beneficial options via Capital One spark Miles credit card.

There are features in this  which you will be relieved to have.


  • It is easy to use but you have to pay nearly $85 as an annual fee.
  • You usually get travel rewards instead of cashback.
  • You get 50,000 miles as a signup bonus. You get this after spending $4,500 in the first 3 months of starting the card.
  • It has a feature called card lock.
  • You get nearly 5x miles on car rentals and hotels through Capital One spark Miles.
  • You also get $100 credit for TSA precheck that too on global entry.


Brex is one of the most reliable and great card options. It is one of the cards that can help funded startups a lot. It helps in earning points from various expenses.

It comes with many features that make your life somewhat easy as a startup.


  • It has great rewards options.
  • It is easy to use and all the expenses are maintained perfectly.
  • It is not required to take a personal guarantee on spending limits.
  • It has good accounting integrations.
  • You can easily get discounts on AWS and any other expenses.
  • It provides you $500 reward points for signing up through Kruze.
  • It is a young company and is growing at a good rate.
  • It can be considered as a good option.

Capital One Spark Classic

Capital One Spark Classic is another well-known and recommended card for startups. It can get you all the possible help you need as a startup.

It comes with many features that make it easy for you to work.


  • It does not have any annual charges or fees.
  • It does not have any signup bonus.
  • Capital One Spark Classic does not offer any low-interest rates.
  • You can easily get an unlimited 1% cash back on nearly all the purchases you do.
  • It provides you with an auto rental damage waiver.
  • It alerts and provides coverage on fraud.
  • You get a free employee card.
  • It gives extended purchase protection.
  • You can easily get purchase records.
  • It can be considered as a good option.

Silicon Valley Bank ( SVB ) Innovators card

SVB is considered as one of the well-known and top banking companies. It is a popular banking provider for funded technology companies.

These work perfectly for startups. This card comes with many features and facilities.

Features :

  • Silicon valley bank ( svb ) Innovators card offers good rewards.
  • You get high spending limits.
  • It offers good accounting integrations.
  • You also get SVB bank account integration.
  • Founders need not take personal liability or guarantee.
  • It somewhat lacks in its interface as it does not have a good online interface.

Amex- corp card for startups

It is a well-known start-up focused credit card from American express. This card helps startups a lot and makes it easier for those to work with ease. It comes with many features.


  • It is easy to use and you get virtual cards.
  • It has bank account based spending limits.
  • There is no personal guarantee involved.
  • You also get airport lounge access.
  • You are given many rewards.


A ramp is another reliable option for the startups out there. It makes your concerns about money minimal.

It has some good policies and features that help a lot in the long run.


  • It has great and supportive expense management controls.
  • There is no personal guarantee involved.
  • You get 1.5% cashback on all the purchases.
  • It provides integration with Xero, QuickBooks, and many more.


Expensify is a popular well-known brand and provides an effective solution to startup’s expense problems. It has many facilities and features that help startups a lot.


  • It has many management tools that make it easier for you to manage.
  • You get a spending limit from it and other approvals.
  • It recently came out with new features and offerings such as tie up with existing corporate expense management services or software.
  • It provides offers or discounts on popular tools like AWS, Carta, gusto, etc.
  • It does not offer any cashback to your company or business.
  • It works on the basis of daily settlement.

Stripe card

Stripe card is another possible option if you are looking for a credit card for your startup. Stripe card offers cashback and helps in getting good and helpful deals.

It has many valuable benefits and features.


  • The corporate card by Stripe is available for companies that are already a part of Stripe or is using the Stripe platform.
  • It works like a charm for companies using Stripe already.
  • You get 2% cash back on categories that your company is already using.
  • It does not have criteria for the founder’s personal guarantee.
  • It is easy to use but you need to be a Stripe member to access the services.
  • It does not have that much-advanced accounting features and an online portal.

Amex Bonvoy Business American express card

Amex Bonvoy is another popular name in my list that helps startups a lot. This card offers many facilities to its fellow users and makes it easy for them to work and grow as a business.


  • You get 6x rewards points for spending at Marriott hotels. You get an elite status there.
  • It is good to get travel rewards from here.
  • You can easily sync Amex Bonvoy with quick books and Expensify. It makes bookeeping precise and easy.
  • You are given a low spending limit that is somewhat a downfall.
  •  Personal liability is also on the risk so you may want to consider it again.

The Plum Card from American express 

It is another great option for a credit card for startups. It is one of the reliable ones that helps a startup in many ways.

It comes with many features and benefits for you.


  • You can get 1.5% cash back if you spend your payoff early.
  • It also provides choices in the billing cycle that helps in giving up to 60 days to pay the balance.
  • It does not have any spending limits. You can easily make big purchases using this.
  • The Plum Card from American Express does not take any annual fees for the first year. After 1 year you need $250 as an annual fee.
  • It is easy to use and you can consider it a decent option.

These were some of the best and worth mentioning companies that are ready to help startups in their money matters and handling it precisely. As a startup, you can think of considering one of these to make your work easy and more organized. These all are reliable and are preferred ones.

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