Best Business Apps for Android that Entrepreneurs Will Love

We know that handling the entire business is not an easy task. We as an entrepreneur have to sought through managing employees; create a network with other peoples, professionals, business; market the products and services we provide; make decisions regarding business activities, work culture; everything, at last, affects the profitability and stability of our business in its niche.

And to handle everything it becomes quite overwhelming and stressing.

Relax, we have a solution for you to make your day to day business activities much simpler to handle by using a few applications on your phone or another android device. But we think that apps are just for socializing and gaming. No, they aren’t. Many of the single entrepreneurs and small businesses use some of the android apps to help them stay productive, connected and most importantly organized in their work.

But the question arises which one should we use?

Selecting the right app is a tough decision as there are a variety of options available to consider.

So, for entrepreneurs like us, we have listed down some of the best and useful android apps which could help us save time, money and most importantly streamline all our day to day activities. No matter at what level your business is, these apps really come handy for any size of business.

Best apps for business owners

G Suite

gsuite Best Business Apps android

Google specifically has a useful suite of only office apps with the G Suite. It supports documents, presentations, spreadsheets, images, PDFs, notes, eBooks and many more types. Additionally, it also provides us with a team messaging services that support voice calls, texts and video calls.

Further, it has a cross platform i.e. it works on android smartphones as well as the android computers. It’s a complete business package if we consider.

Google My Business – Connect with my Customers

google my business

Another of a Google application is Google My Business which helps make the business visible on the Google Search Engine and Google Maps. It’s a useful app as it allows us to update facts about our business like name, address, contact information and working hours.

We can even manage the multiple locations of our business or if we have more than one working place. It even allows us to get real-time notifications to know when a customer connects with our business on Google.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

business central Best Business App

Similar to the Google’s G Suite, even Microsoft has its own suite of applications that helps us to our financials, sales, service and operations to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions and make better decisions. Here we get all

Microsoft’s brand stuff like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc. on the smartphone as well as the computers. Additionally, it also provides us with a chat service that supports voice calls, texts and video calls. Further, the Business 365 subscription also gives you cloud storage on Microsoft OneDrive.

Skype – Free IM and Video Calls

skype android app

We all know that Skype is one of the first well known and used apps when it comes for communicating through texts, voice calls or video calls. It’s still one of the most used apps that host video conference calls and group chats. Further, we can use Skype either on our android smartphones, tablets or laptops at anywhere and be connected with our team by the front facing camera.

The best features of Skype is that it has the ability to call non-Skype users and even international numbers, at a very competitive rate through the Skype Credit program.

Google Calendar

google calendar Best Business planning App

Some of us are already familiar with the Google Calendar App from Google. This app basically helps us to keep a track on all our deadlines, due dates, meeting dates and meeting times so that we don’t miss our deadlines or meetings. This is done as the Google Calendar allows us to set up reminders for important events like meetings, client phone calls and deadlines.

Further, the app also connects to our Gmail account and sends us alerts automatically so that we don’t miss any of the specific events. Additionally, we can add Goals for our business or personal reasons so that the Calendar automatically schedule a time for our goals.

PayPal apps


PayPal is one of the most used and best business apps when it comes to handling all the payment and receiving money in the business. We can set up a business account that simplifies both sending and receiving money to/ from any of our clients, associates and employees.

It’s the handy app to handle all our business money transactions through even our android smartphones as the smartphone version comes with fingerprint support that is the safest way, with the ability to check our PayPal (and PayPal Credit balance) anytime we would like. The app is mostly used to send and receive international payments in a more secure way.



Using QuickBooks app is just like having our business accounting part anytime and anywhere. The app allows is to get access to customers information, send invoices, save photos of receipts, manage late invoices, send email estimates, track expenses and more. We can use it on both our android smartphones and computers.

We can easily manage the cash flow of our business, view the profit and loss reports, see expenses by category, view all the open and overdue invoices, see the present days account balances, everything just with a simple click.

Get the Official App from PlayStore

Get the Accounting: Invoices and Expenses App from PlayStore

Get the Payroll for Employers App from PlayStore


dropbox android app for businesses

Everyone nowadays prefers storing their business files on clouds when we can have access to it from anywhere at a time instead of the usual huge file cabinets on our office. Dropbox is a great cloud storage option for businesses because of how flexible and easy-to-use it is. We can back up our files, videos or photos in the Dropbox app.

Additionally, the app has an amazing feature of allowing us to edit Microsoft Office files directly from our android smartphones too. Further, we can easily share our files and folders with specific peoples for easy communication and reference.

Expense Manager

expense manager business app

Expense Manager is the only app in this list that allows us to mane our business budgets over our smartphones as it allows us to track expenses, organize our bills and many other additional expense related reports. Additionally, it has added useful tools if currency converter, rip calculator and interest calculator.

We can also customise the app as per our preferences. It’s one of the best apps that allow us to manage our business finances with simple clicks over our android smartphones.

TSheets Time Tracker

tsheets time tracker

TSheets is one of the TSheets solutions that’s is one of the best time-tracking software solutions out there for any businesses and the app also can be used on our android smartphones.

If our business engages more of remote or field workers, we can easily track them with the GPS location tracking feature that allows us to view employee location data and the timeclock function, which uses facial recognition to confirm identity. TSheets also makes it easy to create and disseminate employee schedules and integrate with any other Intuit products we would use.

CamScanner – Scanner to PDF


We all know how important it is to have the soft copy of all the business related documents as those documents come very handy at times. Hence CamScanner proves to be a very useful tool. It turns our android smartphones camera into a scanner and lets us scan documents, business cards, receipts, invoices and other important stuff.

The app automatically makes the PDF of our scanned documents which we can edit as per our requirements if needed and also there’s a quick share option which allows us to share the scanned file via an email or message with colleagues, HR department or wherever else. There is even a faxing option for a nominal fee.

Asana: Organize Team Projects

asana business app for entrepreneurs

Asana is the must try the business application for everyone out there. It’s just like a to-do manager that allows us to assign tasks to all of our employees and subordinates. It also has an option of adding as many subsections as we need, assign tasks according, add due dates for the tasks and add attachments or comments if needed. Can be used from android smartphones as well as web apps.

Square Point of Sale – POS

pos for businesses

Square Point of Sale is an Android app that gives us everything we would need to take payments and run our business smoothly. Once signed up, we receive a credit card reader dongle that can be plugged in directly on our android smartphones or computers and convert it into a portable POS system.

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It also requires a magnetic strip reader. Customers mostly swipe their cards and pay us money for the goods or services and so we can accept the tab and go cards, devices with Android pay and chip cards along with major debit and credit cards. Additionally, it lets us track inventory, send receipts, apply discounts, issue refunds, check out real-time sales data and view analytics about our business.


slack for business

Slack is a chat based app that allows us to communicate with our team members. It even allows us to tick off our to-do list and make progress on our projects by bringing the right people, conversations, tools and information we need together.

We can create channels for different topics or members, send direct messages, host video calls without leaving the app, search archived conversations and drag & drop images, videos and PDFs.

It features a clean, simple interface, multiple channels, conference calls, document sharing and even a chat bot. It also includes integration with a lot of other third-party apps and websites like Google Drive, Asana, Dropbox, etc.

Zoom Cloud Meetings

zoom android business app

Zoom is a free HD meeting app with video and screen sharing for up to 100 people. It’s it perfect for us when we have to have a meeting with our entire team. It’s basically a video conferencing app that supports up to 100 concurrent participants. The service also boasts screen sharing services, presentation features and above-average connection stability.

We can even share the photos, web and Google Drive, Dropbox or Box files easily. It can be used in any of the android smartphones and computers.


Still many of the entrepreneurs don’t consider apps as an option for improvising the way the business can run and succeed, let us definitely remind them that the apps can prove to be helpful at the variety of business works and tasks.

So, take some time and use these apps and know how effectively they can help entrepreneurs to overcome all the challenges they face at the day to day tasks of the business. As an entrepreneu, the choice totally depends on their own use, needs and requirements. So choose appropriately and best for the success of the business.

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