Life at Scribbify #1 : New Beginnings, New Goals

While redesigning the site, I realized, it has been 3 years since I’ve been working on Scribbify. I haven’t been very active. The focus had always been on micro niche projects. But still, the realization that it has been 3 years was an alarm. Till now, Scribbify had been sort of a Passion thing. I


10 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Invest in Content Writing Services

Not always does it happen that an entrepreneur has funds to hire a bunch of people in the starting. Especially when I talk about Digi-preneurs ( entrepreneurs that have an online product/service). In this scenario, and in many other scenarios, it’s a case of solo-preneurship. One person, trying to do everything to make ends meet.

how to network at conferences

How to Network at Blogging/IM Conferences ?

Networking is a socioeconomic business activity by which businesspeople and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for ventures. Networking has now become an important part of business and marketing. It increases sales and promotion of the business and helps it